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Brandon High School A Cappella ensembles are the advanced, competitive ensembles offered to 9th-12th grade students. They rehearse in class, as well as after school. They perform at two festivals a year, four or more concerts a year, three or more competitions a year, and a variety of school and community events.


9th - 12th Grade Women's A Cappella Ensemble

Brilliance is Brandon High School's a cappella ensemble, offered to students in grades 9th through 12th. This women's group is audition only and focuses more on pop musical styles. Members of Brilliance are expected to read music, achieve high levels of musical expression, work well as a team, and respect music, self, and others at all times. 


9th - 12th Grade Mixed A Cappella Ensemble

B19 is our mixed a cappella ensemble at Brandon High School. Performing a wide variety of music, this audition only group strives to transform lives through the power of singing. All students will be expected to read music at an advanced level and demonstrate strong performance skills, as well as the ability to hold their own part. Established in 2021, B19 is open to all students 9th through 12th grade. 

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